Bob Marley Fist Lava Lamp

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Media Format: ACCESSORY
Release Date: Nov. 21, 2017
Media Format: ACCESSORY

Spread the love with the classic Bob Marley Fist Lava Lamp.
* Features all three colors to create an ombre look.
* Includes bulb. USA Voltage.

Celebrate Bob Marley's Legacy with the highly collectible Rasta Lava Lamp. The 14.5"tall classic Rasta colored Lava Lamp has Bob Marley with his fist raised on the light globe. The white wax and clear liquid allow for both to fully take on the colors of the rasta-inspired globe, while the cap and base feature all three colors to create an ombre look that any Bob Marley fan is would love.

Bob Marley Collectible: 2017 The Original Lava Fist Raised Rasta Power Lamp.