Dread And Terrible Project - Chronixx (LP)

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Media Format: LP VINYL
SKU: CHR73577.1
Release Date: Oct. 29, 2014
Media Format: LP VINYL
Genre: Reggae

Hugely anticipated debut album from bona fide Jamaican sensation Chronixx. If you have not been checking the output from this extremely talented and versatile artist get involved NOW! New fans and old schoolers alike are rating the lyrical and melodic qualities of Chronixx, a genuine source of hope for the future of Jamaican music. This is a limited edition vinyl.

Track Listing
Side One:
1. Alpha & Omega
2. Here Comes Trouble
3. Capture Land
4. Wheel Out
5. Eternal Fire
Side Two:
6. Spirulina
7. Like A Whistle
8. Alpha & Omega Dub
9. Here Comes Trouble Dub
10. Capture Land Dub