Everything You Need (Orange, Yellow Vinyl) - Slightly Stoopid (LP)

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Media Format: LP VINYL
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Release Date: Jun. 7, 2024
Media Format: LP VINYL

Limited orange and yellow colored vinyl LP pressing. Everything You Need is the third album by Slightly Stoopid, originally released in 2003. - "Built on a bedrock of nasty, oceanic slabs of dubby bass, meditative vocal harmonies, rock-steady guitar licks and tightly syncopated percussive rhythms, Slightly Stoopid illustrates a case study in underground success, steeped in years of hard touring, an improvisational business model, and a creative process that continues to unwind and push the envelope of a new jam-based genre the band helped to create."

While largely grounded in a reggae-pop vibe (see the anti-authority tune 'Officer' and a breezy cover of John Denver's 'Leaving on a Jet Plane'), the album also acknowledges Stoopid's more revved-up past with the fast-paced three-chord numbers 'Perfect Gentleman' and 'Punk Rock Billy.' Though naturally not a highbrow affair, Everything You Need stands out as one of Slightly Stoopid's more dynamic and immediately accessible albums and works as a good introduction to the band's pot-centric brand of party music.

Track Listing
1. Everything You Need
2. Officer
3. Questionable
4. Runnin' With A Gun
5. Killing Me Deep Inside
6. Perfect Gentlemen
7. Wicked Rebel
8. Sweet Honey
9. Punk Rock Billy
10. World Goes Round (feat. I-Man)
11. Wiseman
12. Leaving On A Jet Plane
13. Mellow Mood (feat. G. Love)
14. Collie Man