Forward March: Expanded Edition (2CD) - Derrick Morgan

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Media Format: CD
UPC: 5013929280441
Release Date: Aug. 5, 2022
Media Format: CD
Genre: Reggae

To commemorate Jamaica's 60th year of independence, Doctor Bird present Derrick Morgan's seminal long player, the title track of which became a national anthem for celebrating islanders in 1962. Previously unavailable on CD, the LP has been expanded to include the remainder of the singer-songwriter's early recordings for Leslie Kong's revered Beverley's Records, originally released between 1961 to 1963.

The second disc focuses on Derrick's return to Beverley's during the Rock Steady era, with the selection commencing with his hugely collectable 'Best Of' album, which first saw issue on Doctor Bird in 1969. The LP is similarly enhanced here with the original track-listing bolstered by his finest Rock Steady and proto-Reggae recordings for the label. Including numerous hits and tracks new to CD, this is the perfect way to pay tribute to Jamaica and one of it's greatest foundation artists.

Track Listing
Disc: 1
1. Forward March
2. The Hop
3. Look Before You Leap
4. Don't Be a Fool
5. It's True My Darling
6. Housewife's Choice
7. Blazing Fire
8. I've Found a Queen
9. Teach Me Baby
10. Angel with the Blue Eyes
11. Last Chance
12. Don't You Worry
13. No Raise No Praise
14. Travel on
15. Be Still
16. Gypsy Woman
17. Street Girl
18. Sunday Morning
19. Don't Talk About Me 20 Edmarine
20. See and Blind
21. I'm in a Jam
22. Leave Her Alone
23. Cherry Home
24. I'm Sending This Message
25. Sail on (Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd)
26. Dorothy
27. Corner Stone
28. Loving Baby 3
Disc: 2
1. Tell It to Me
2. Tougher Than Tough
3. Woman a Grumble
4. Do the Beng Beng
5. Court Dismiss
6. No Dice
7. Me Naw Give Up
8. Judge Dread in Court
9. What's Your Grouse
10. Kill Me Dead
11. Johnny Pram Pram
12. Greedy Gal
13. I Am the Ruler
14. King for Tonight
15. Ben Johnson Day
16. Want More
17. Dear Lover
18. You Never Miss Your Water
19. Horse Dead, Cow Fat
20. Don't Get Me Upstir
21. Don't Say
22. I Mean It
23. Revenge
24. Try Me
25. Real Ring Ding
26. Got You on My Mind
27. I'm Leaving
28. Mercy Mercy
29. Copy Cat
30. Will You Marry Me
31. More Flour Than Water
32. Be Still