In Search Of Better Days - Incognito

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Media Format: CD
SKU: SHA5440.2
Release Date: Jun. 24, 2016
Media Format: CD
Genre: Jazz

Recognized around the world as pioneers of acid jazz, a genre combining elements of jazz, soul, funk and dance music, the UK's Incognito is still on the forefront of London's creative music scene more than 3 decades in. Founded by Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick, the band has been a mainstay for some of the most well known voices in the world, including Grammy-nominated Maysa, and British sensation, Imaani, as well as extraordinary musicians, and some of the hottest musical discoveries on the planet. IN SEARCH OF BETTER DAYS, is the band's 17th studio album and a joyful amalgamation of vibrant musical stylings, captures the sound and soul of London circa 2016! Featuring lyrically enlightened tracks, and relentless grooves, the recording also features legendary Japanese guitarist Hotei Tomoyasu and Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender. This collection is completely tuned into a world IN SEARCH OF BETTER DAYS, providing a soundtrack to lead the way through self-discovery, love and connection.

Track Listings

1. Love Born in Flames (Featuring Imaani & Stuart Zender)

2. Just Say Nothing (Featuring Vanessa Haynes)

3. Everyday Grind (Featuring Maysa)

4. Racing Through the Bends (Featuring Maysa)

5. Love's Revival (Featuring Tony Momrelle)

6. Selfishly (Featuring Maysa)

7. Love Be the Messenger (Featuring Vanessa Haynes)

8. I See the Light (Featuring Avery*Sunshine)

9. Echoes of Utopia (Featuring Stuart Zender)

10. Move It Up (Featuring Vanessa Haynes)

11. Crystal Walls (Featuring Katie Leone)

12. Bridges of Fire (Featuring Tomoyasu Hotei)

13. All I Ever Wanted (Featuring Maysa)

14. Better Days (Featuring Vula Malinga)

15. Liberation Groove (Bonus Track)