King Of Dancehall - Vybz Kartel (2LP)

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Media Format: LP VINYL
SKU: MVD8715A.1
Release Date: Jun. 30, 2016
Label: ZOJAK
Media Format: LP VINYL
Genre: Reggae

King of the Dancehall contains never before released tracks from Vybz Kartel, all recorded by the prolific artist before his incarceration. The tracks have been carefully completed by renowned dancehall producer Linton 'TJ' White of TJ Records, with whom Kartel has established a solid working relationship over the years. Kartel says, "We're imploring the fans to go out and support the album, not just for Vybz Kartel's sake but for the sake of DANCEHALL. Let's show the world we can still pull some big numbers in our genre too." Having garnered praise for his lyrical prowess, the true King of the Dancehall.

Track Listing
Side A
1. Coloring This Life
2. Every Girl (Clean Version) Featuring – Gaza Tussan
3. Every Girl (Explicit Version) Featuring – Gaza Tussan
4. Lipstick (Clean Version)
5. Lipstick (Explicit Version)
Side B
1. Fever (Clean Version)
2. Fever (Explicit Version)
3. Can't Say No (Clean Version) Featuring – MonCherie
4. Can't Say No (Explicit Version) Featuring – MonCherie
5. Don't Know Someone
Side C
1. Hey Addi
2. Open Up Di Door
3. Most Wanted
4. Enemy Zone (Clean Version)
5. Enemy Zone (Explicit Version)
Side D
1. Like Google Featuring – Demarco
2. Sorry Babe
3. Western Union
4. Which Friend (Clean Version)
5. Which Friend (Explicit Version)