Ladies Jamaican - Caroline Foster

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Media Format: BOOKS
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Media Format: BOOKS
A tongue in cheek novel, steeped with raging, raw emotion that is guranteed to raise many eyebrows. This is the exciting story of three divergent personalities with different backgrounds and skin tones. All are lost in the murky fogs of self doubt and insecurity that ruled their lives, shadowing their self-respect, independence and values. NADIA - A victim of abuse and betrayal. A young mother who is afraid to move forward, afraid to let go. HELEN - Brought up to believe that, "Anything darker than a grain of sand is no good." Yet she falls in love with a dark-skinned, dread-locked Rasta she wants to hate. MARJORIE - The eldest, is trapped by routine, low self-esteem and bulima. She is still involved with her re-married ex-husband of eleven years. Unlikely friends, Nadia, Helen and Marjorie, as only real friends can, empower each other to love , trust and explore their passions. Together they stand tall, with the warmth of the sun on their faces. They are strong, proud Jamaican women-Ladies Jamaican.