Positive Energy - Alpha Blondy

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Media Format: CD
SKU: VP2610.2
UPC: 054645261029
Release Date: Apr. 22, 2016
Media Format: CD
Genre: Reggae

Hailing from Ivory Coast, Africa, Alpha Blondy is a musical legend. For over 30 years he has successfully recorded and toured, spreading the rebel message of reggae music around the globe. His latest album, Positive Energy updates many familiar themes with new songs about life, liberty and the disdain of politics. The album features performances by Ijahman Levi, Tarrus Riley, Ismeal Isaac and Jacob Desvarieux.

1. Rainbow In The Sky - Alpha Blondy (Feat. Ijahman Levi)
2. Freedom - Alpha Blondy (Feat. Tarrus Riley)
3. Allah Tano - Alpha Blondy (Feat. Ismael Isaac, Issam & Naoufel)
4. No Brain, No Headache
5. Maclacla Macloclo
6. Madiba M'a Dit
7. Lumiere
8. Sechez Vos Larmes - Alpha Blondy (Feat. Pierrette Adams)
9. N'teritche - Alpha Blondy (Feat. Jacob Desvarieux)
10. Ingratitude
11. Une Petite Larme M' A Trahi
12. Querelles Inter-minables