Put Food On The Ghetto Youth Table - Eek A Mouse (7 Inch Vinyl)

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Media Format: 7 INCH VINYL
SKU: II721.7
Release Date: Mar. 12, 2021
Media Format: 7 INCH VINYL

Eek A Mouse joins forces with the French label Irie Ites Records, in order to deliver a conscious message in the form of a question: Why do some people have no food, no shoes, and old clothes while the rich stuff themselves and don’t know what to do with their money? Unfortunately, a topical message that points out the gap that is widening every day between the rich and the poor.

This true living legend of Reggae signs a new hit on a magnificent instrumental version Rub A Dub which will surely make the round the world!

Limited Edition 7'' Vinyl

Track Listing
A Side - Put Food on The Ghetto Youth Table - Eek-A-Mouse
B Side - Put Dub On The Turntable - Eek-A-Mouse & Irie Ites