Reggae Legends Garnett Silk - Garnett Silk

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Media Format: CD
SKU: VP2588.2
UPC: 054645258821
Release Date: Jul. 24, 2015
Label: VP
Media Format: CD
Genre: Reggae

Four CD box set collecting four original albums from Reggae Legend Garnett Silk in reproduction sleeves to give an extensive overview of the much missed Garnett Silk.

The recordings of the late great Garnett Silk launched the 90's roots reggae revolution paving the way for the one drop stars of today.

Includes the hit singles ‘It's Growing”', 'Place In Your Heart', 'Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders', ‘Nothing Can Divide Us”, “Love Is The Answer', 'Mama' etc.

CD1 It’s Growing

1. It’s Growing

2. Move on Slow

3. Place in your Heart

4. Commitment

5. Bless Me

6. Come to Me

7. I am Vex

8. Disadvantage

9. Keep Them Talking

10. A Friend


CD2Love is the Answer

1. Get up Shock Out

2. Live is the Answer

3. Fight Back feat. Richie Stephens

4. Used to be my Girl feat. Supervisor

5. Skylarking

6. Friends and Lover feat. Sharon Forrester

7. Put on the Pressure

8. A man in Love

9. All the Woman I Need

10. Used to be my Girl (dub mix)

11. Love is the Answer (dub mix)

12. Friends and Lover (semi accp)


CD3 – Nothing Can Divide Us

1. Nothing Can Divide Us

2. Ready to Love You

3. I Can See Clearly Now feat. Yasus Afari

4. Attractiveness

5. King Moses

6. Seven Spanish Angels

7. Mama

8. Just Once feat. Sugar Black

9. Give us strength feat. Shaggy Wonder

10. Lord Watch Over our Shoulders

11. Man is just a Man

12. Your Attractiveness feat. Jigsy King


CD4 – Journey
1. Mama

2. Let it Flow

3. Satisfaction

4. Piano

5. Red Natty Dread

6. Problem Everywhere

7. Wicked

8. Every Knee Shall Bow

9. See Bimbo Ya

10. Harder

11. Mama (choir accapella)

12. Born Free

13. Live in the House feat. President Brown