Smash Hits - Steel Pulse

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Jan. 19, 1993
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Steel Pulse are the sons of Jamaican immigrants who rose from their humble Birmingham, England origins to become one of the U.K.'s all-time greatest reggae acts and a globally revered band. They mix impassioned political and social protest with stellar Rastafarian beats and this is a fantastic collection for any reggae fan, featuring "Rivers", "Roller Skates", "Chant a Psalm", "Stepping Out", "Your House", "Not King James Version" and more.

Track Listing

1. Ravers

2. Roller Skates

3. Chant A Psalm

4. Steppin' Out

5. Your House

6. Not King James Version

7. Worth His Weight In Gold (Rally Round)

8. Dub Marcus Say (Rally Dub)

9. Earth Crisis

10. Blues Dance Raid

11. Save Black Music

12. Bodyguard

13. Leggo Beast

14. Babylon The Bandit

15. Tightrope

16. Roller Skates (Dub)