When God Speaks - Marion Hall

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Media Format: CD
Release Date: Jul. 8, 2016
Media Format: CD
Genre: Gospel

December 14, 2015, Lady Saw completely gave her life to God. HE had been calling her for years. While attending the funeral of another artist, she was convicted by the Lord. Lady Saw is now going under the name, Minister Marion Hall; a name that was given to her by the Holy Spirit hours before her baptism. Washed anew, Minister Hall ministers through scripture and songs; winning souls for Christ. Her main focus is to save abused and battered women and children. Her ministry also includes the homeless and needy. This is her calling, giving God all the glory.

Track Listing
1. Lead Me to the Water
2. I'm on Fire
3. I Had Jesus
4. With Me
5. I Won't Worry
6. Working It Out
7. You Are Worthy
8. Room in My House
9. Enemy
10. My Arms
11. Cup of Blessings
12. Break Through
13. Love Jesus
14. Burden