Confrontation Bob Marley (Vinyl Reissue) - Bob Marley & The Wailers (LP)

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Media Format: LP VINYL
SKU: ISL727629.1
Release Date: Oct. 2, 2015
Media Format: LP VINYL
Genre: Reggae

A posthumous collection produced by Rita Marley, based on work left behind by Bob upon his death. Some of his best post Wailers work is here, with songs like 'Buffalo Soldier,' 'Chant Down Babylon,' and 'Blackman Redemption.' Now on 180 gram vinyl in original artwork.

Track Listings


1. Chant Down Babylon (Side A)
2. Buffalo Soldier (Side A)
3. Jump Nyabinghi (Side A)
4. Mix Up, Mix Up (Side A)
5. Give Thanks & Praises (Side A)
6. Blackman Redemption (Side B)
7. Trench Town (Side B)
8. Stiff Necked Fools (Side B)
9. I Know (Side B)
10. Rastaman Live Up (Side B)