Echo - Keiko Matsui

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Media Format: CD
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Release Date: Feb. 22, 2019
Media Format: CD
Genre: Jazz

Keiko Matsui is an icon of contemporary jazz and is one of the most recognized artists in the genre. Her elegant piano melodies and gentle jazz grooves have enormous appeal and never disappoint the loyal fan base which she has cultivated, with over a dozen albums and hundreds of stunning live shows! Echo, Keiko's most heartfelt release yet, elevates the artist to new heights and features a full string orchestra and horn ensemble, acoustic performances that transcend musical genres and stellar special guests, while still maintaining Keiko's classic listener-friendly, inspiring sound!! The first single, "Spirit Dance," is already climbing up the Smooth Jazz charts. Other highlights include Keiko's dramatic and passionate "Return To Eternity," the deeply moving "Echo" and many more superb originals.

Track Listing
1. Unshakeable
2. Moon Over Gotham
3. Echo
4. Esprit
5. Marlin Club Blues
6. Invisible Rain
7. Spirit Dance
8. Now Is The Moment
9. Viva Life
10. Return To Eternity