Greensleeves Ganja Anthems (RSD Herb Green Vinyl) - Various Artists (LP)

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Media Format: LP VINYL
SKU: VPGS7086.1
UPC: 054645708616
Release Date: Jun. 18, 2022
Media Format: LP VINYL

A vintage crop of ten Herbalist anthems that put the green in Greensleeves, together for an exclusive RSD vinyl edition of the previous CD-only Hi Grade Ganja Anthems, pressed on herb green vinyl, of course. Hi Grade Ganja Anthems, Solomon Grave-approved! Blaze It Up!

Track Listing
Side A
1. Pass The Kutchie - Mighty Diamonds
2. Pass The Tu Sheng Peng - Frankie Paul
3. Joker Smoker - Tristan Palma
4. Ganja Smuggling - Eek-A-Mouse
5. Under Me Sleng Teng - Wayne Smith
Side B
1. Under Mi Sensi - Barrington Levy
2. Police In Helicopter - John Holt
3. Smoking My Ganja - Capital Letters
4. One Spliff A Day - Billy Boyo
5. It A Fi Burn - Josey Wales

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