Hot Like A Fire - Various Artists

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Media Format: CD
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Release Date: Jan. 1, 1901
Media Format: CD
Hot Like a Fire compiles several Caribbean artists onto one disc, featuring more than one song for a few of the artists. Most of the featured artists perform in the calypso style, though you could consider some of this music soca as well. Either way, these performers all sound relatively similar, having a sense of the trademark Caribbean feel. Some of the featured performers include Adrian Clarke, Margartet Bovell, Starlight, Colin Spencer, Charles D. Lewis, and Square One.

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1 I'm a Proud West Indian - Adrian Clarke
2 Hot Like a Fire
3 International Wukup
4 Pom Pom - Colin Spencer
5 Boom Boom Boom - Charles D. Lewis
6 Madness - Khiomal Nurse
7 Electricity Toriano "Onyan" Edwards - Square One
8 Party at My Place - Big Davy
9 In Barbados - Charles D. Lewis
10 I'm a Proud Bajan - Adrian Clarke
11 Reach Out Terry Arthur / Stedson Wiltshire - Square One