In Ting Sound - Winston Fergus (12 Inch Vinyl)

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Media Format: 12 INCH VINYL
Release Date: May. 17, 2024
Media Format: 12 INCH VINYL

Jamwax presents the resurrection of a hard-hitting space synth masterpiece that's set to ignite your senses and shake the very foundations of sound systems worldwide. 'In Ting Sound' is a sonic juggernaut, a hard-as-nails sound bwoy killer that refuses to be confined to the constraints of time. With its pulsating beats and infectious rhythms, this track commands attention from the moment the first note hits. But it's the heavy drums that truly set it apart, pounding with relentless force and driving the groove forward with unstoppable momentum.

Get ready to embark on a sonic journey like no other as this reissue comes with three exclusive unreleased tracks: 'Mandela': Feel the pulse of liberation with this uptempo digital killer, featuring Winston's impassioned plea to "Free Nelson Mandela...he never done no wrong, he is just a conscious man..." Let the rhythm of justice resonate as you groove to this powerful anthem of freedom. 'Life All Over': Flip over to the B-side for a digital roots tune that- hits hard with its strong bassline and conscious lyrics. "Life All Over" dives deep into the essence of existence, delivering a message of hope and resilience that reverberates with every beat. 'Finnegan' aka 'Life All Over Dubwise': Prepare to enter the realm of dub mastery. The second part of "Life All Over" takes you on a journey through the echoes of space and time, where the music transcends boundaries and the spirit of dub reigns supreme.

Track Listing
Side A
1. In Ting Sound
2. Mandela
Side B
1. Life All Over
2. Finnegon

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