Lamb's Bread - Sylford Walker

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Media Format: CD
SKU: VPGS7051.2
UPC: 054645705127
Release Date: Jan. 20, 2017
Media Format: CD
Genre: Reggae

Sylford Walker's heart-stopping 70's roots anthems records for Glen Brown are rightfully regarded as holy relics of reggae. The Lamb's Bread album gathers up these classic sides (formerly reissued on the Blood & Fire label) and once again makes them available for the roots disciples. Mixed by King Tubby at King Tubby's this fully re-mastered package also includes Welton Irie's top-ranking "Ghettoman Corner" set, the pairing gives the listener both a sung and deejayed version of these classic Glen Brown produced roots rhythms (‘Slaving,' 'Glen Brown at Cross Roads,' ‘Cleanliness Is Holiness').

 1.   Lamb's Bread - Slyford Walker
 2.   Chant Down Babylon - Slyford Walker
 3.   Deuteronomy - Slyford Walker
 4.   Give Thanks And Praise To Jah - Slyford Walker
 5.   Cleanliness Is Godliness - Slyford Walker
 6.   Babylonians - Slyford Walker
 7.   Eternal Day - Slyford Walker
 8.   My Father's Homeland - Slyford Walker
 9.   Lamb's Bread International - Welton Irie
10.   Ghettoman Corner - Welton Irie
11.   Black Man Stand Up Pan Foot - Welton Irie
12.   Stone A Throw - Welton Irie
13.   Wicked Tumbling - Welton Irie
14.   Money Man Skank - Welton Irie
15.   Greetings - Welton Irie
16.   Unite - Welton Irie