New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) [Purple Vinyl] - Erykah Badu (2LP)

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Media Format: LP VINYL
SKU: B003399401.1
UPC: 602438283477
Release Date: Dec. 9, 2022
Media Format: LP VINYL
Genre: R&B / SOUL / FUNK

This is a series of celebrated records from Erykah Badu where she explores a post-Civil Rights landscape in which African Americans have been left to sort out how to have a cultural identity as part of a nation that had, up until very recently, been a dedicated adversary. Originally released in 2008, this 2 LP reissue is pressed on purple vinyl on features the singles "Soldier," "The Healer," and "Honey."

Track Listing
Side A
1. Amerykahn Promise
2. The Healer
3. Me
4. My People
Side B
1. Soldier
2. The Cell
3. Twinkle
Side C
1. Master Teacher
2. That Hump
Side D
1. Telephone
2. Honey (Bonus Track)