Presenting Ranking Trevor - Ranking Trevor

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Media Format: CD
SKU: TRCD1483.2
UPC: 781976148322
Release Date: Apr. 5, 2024
Media Format: CD

Ranking Trevor has been largely ignored by the archivists, a peculiar oversight, as the DJ was a major force in the sound systems on both sides of the Atlantic during the roots age. Most of his recordings remain infuriatingly out of print, and his singles and albums, now with hefty price tags attached, are much sought after by collectors.

Track Listing
1. Fish Fillet
2. Fish Man Dub
3. Rope In Sister Jean
4. Rope In Dub
5. Hold Fast
6. Hold Dub
7. Spanish River
8. River Bank Dub
9. Youth In A Posse
10. Mad Posse
11. Working Hero
12. Working Dub