Tenor Saw Lives On (Live In London!) - Tenor Saw (LP)

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Media Format: LP VINYL
UPC: 691835434308
Release Date: Mar. 3, 2023
Media Format: LP VINYL

TENOR SAW only released one full length LP in his short but illustrious career. This LP took Jamaican and reggae audiences by storm and his popularity worldwide became a phenomenon that has never been duplicated. This LP, “FEVER” (also available exclusively through Tafari Records), continues to sell to this day and is frequently described as one of the best dancehall releases from the 1980s.

His unfortunate death at age 22 in 1988 put an end to what was sure to be an enormous career. Fortunately, in 1985 when Tenor Saw first went to England to do some live shows, his astute manager Sky High the Mau Mau recorded this high octane outstanding live performance now made available. Originally released as a limited pressing in Jamaica in 1991, this LP has been out of print for over 30 years. Now fully remastered and edited to its current format, this LP will further enhance what Tenor Saw fans have been craving for so many years. A follow-up to the enormously successful “FEVER” release. And containing ALL HIS HIT SONGS his fans have loved for so many years.

DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE. “TENOR SAW LIVES ON” will have you rocking from the moment the needle drops till when the LP is finished. GOD BLESS TENOR SAW. NOW AND ITINUALLY.

Track Listing
Side One
1. Tenor Saw Interview
2. Fever
3. Lots Of Signs
4. Ring The Alarm
5. Pumpkin Belly
Side Two
1. Rub A Dub Market
2. Reggae Rap
3. Eni Meeni Mini Mo
4. Who's Gonna Help Me Praise
5. Live Radio Spot