The Queen Of Trinidad (Cd/dvd) - Calypso Rose

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Media Format: CD / DVD
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Release Date: Jun. 19, 2012
Media Format: CD / DVD
Calypso Rose, real name MacArtha Lewis. For five years Rose outclassed the competition to win the national "Calypso Queen" title in Trinidad and Tobago. As a woman in a male arena, she challenged the world with her music. Having shared her enormous talent with audiences all over the world, Calypso Rose is the premier ambassador of Caribbean music.

(DVD) Calypso Rose: The Lioness of the Jungle
An insight into the life and times of Calypso Rose, the musician from Trinidad & Tobago.
Calypso Rose, the ambassador of Caribbean music, is a living legend, a charismatic character and the uncontested diva of Calypso Music. Traveling with Rose from Paris to New York via Trinidad, Tobago and back to Africa, in each place, we learn a little more about the many faces and facets of her life. It is a film not only about memory, the exchange and discovery of world cultures, but also the journey of a militant and authentic woman, an Afro-Caribbean soul, an exemplary artist, far from the glitz and glitter, at the dawn of her life. (DVD cannot play in a CD player.)