Visit Me - Changing Faces

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Media Format: CD
SKU: ATL83401.2
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1901
Media Format: CD
Genre: POP
Visit Me is the third album released by American R&B duo Changing Faces in 2000. The album features the singles "That Other Woman" and "Ladies Man". A demo version of "Come Over" sung by Aaliyah appeared on the singer's posthumous compilation album I Care 4 U in 2002 and released as the album's fourth & final single in May 2003.

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1 "Visit Me"
2 "That Other Woman"
3 "Come Over"
4 "Ladies Man"
5 "Baby U Ain't Got Me" (featuring Queen Pen)
6 "Last Night" (featuring Lil' Mo)
7 "Be a Man"
8 "Doin to Me"
9 "B***h"
10 "That Ain't Me"
11 "Out of Sight"
12 "I Told You"
13 "More Than a Friend"
14 "Don't Cry for Me"
15 "That Other Woman" (Joe Remix)
16 "Just Us"