Black Ark In Dub - Various Artists

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Media Format: CD
SKU: VP2703.2
UPC: 054645270328
Release Date: Sep. 18, 2020
Media Format: CD
Genre: Reggae

Black Ark In Dub is another piece of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s limitless musical puzzle. Featuring a bedrock of deep and heavy rhythms recorded at the Black Ark just before its demise, Black Ark In Dub features bass heavy spooky dub deconstructions of ‘Jah Love Is Sweeter’, ‘Ethiopia’, ‘Lion A De Winner’, ‘Open The Gate’, ‘Guideline,’ and ‘Mr Money Man’, along with an embellished dub version of Ras Keatus I ‘Dreadlocks I’ and the much sought after ‘Guidance’ a longime Jah Shaka killer exclusive to this set.

Originally released in 1981 the hard to find Black Ark In Dub remains a frozen sonic timepiece, captured at the beginning of the end of one era and poised at the start of another. This re-mastered CD release adds Lackley Castell ‘Jah Love Is Sweeter’ (vocal cut to the opening track ‘Jah’) plus Black Ark Vol. 2 the follow up album to the acclaimed Black Ark In Dub that unsurprisingly for an Upsetter release took a different path. More vocal oriented the album features extended dubwise cuts of Caol Cole’s ‘Ethiopia’, The Originals ‘Got To Be Irie’, Junior Byles ‘Mumbling & Grumbling and The Inamans ‘How Deep Is your Love’, along with an alternate take of the Silvertones roots classic ‘Give Thanks’ with flute overdub and a couple of solid do-overs from Third World man Bunny Rugs.

Track Listing
Disc 1
1. Jah - Black Ark Players
2. Cool Rockers - Black Ark Players
3. Lion - Black Ark Players
4. Rasta Man - Black Ark Players
5. Camp - Black Ark Players
6. Loving - Black Ark Players
7. Money - Black Ark Players
8. In The Valley - Black Ark Players
9. Dreadlocks - Black Ark Players
10. Guidance - Black Ark Players
Disc 2
1. Ethiopia - Carol Cole
2. Give Praises - The Silvertones
3. How Deep Is Your Love - The Inamans
4. Jah Love Is Sweeter - Lacksley Castell
5. Let Love Touch Us Now - Bunny Rugs
6. I Am..I Said - Bunny Rugs
7. Got To Be Irie - The Originals
8. Double Wine - The Upsetters
9. Mumbling And Grumbling - Junior Byles