Flat Bridge - Dean Fraser

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Media Format: CD
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Release Date: May. 14, 2021
Media Format: CD

Flat Bridge, produced by Fraser and Tad ‘Junior Tads’ Dawkins, is the first single from the album of the same name. With this album, the multi-award-winning saxophonist continues to live a dream. Fraser has long advocated for the return of instrumentals to reggae music, which has some iconic pieces such as Death In The ArenaRockfort RockDouble Barrel, Heaven Less, and MPLA, a militant salute referencing freedom fighters in Angola. During the 1990s, he was among a cadre of musicians, including Dwight Pinkney, Maurice Gordon, Tony Green and Mickey Hanson, who all released instrumental albums.

Track Listing
1. Cassia Park
2. Anjara03. Flat Bridge
4. I Command You feat. Andre 'Stringy' Marsh
5. Pandemic
6. This Is Happiness
7. Hope Road
8. Just Cause
9. Love Me
10. Nihla
11. Over You
12. Pindaz Valley
13. Zah Zah feat. Okiel McIntyre