Health Is Wealth - Macka B

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Media Format: CD
SKU: VPGS7061.2
UPC: 054645706124
Release Date: Oct. 6, 2017
Media Format: CD
Genre: Reggae

"Health is wealth, ital is vital!" That these are no empty rhymes but phrases that express a serious life focus for UK-based artist Macka B is not only demonstrated by his weekly Medical Mondays and Wha Me Eat Wednesdays videos, but is now also audibly reflected in his new album Health Is Wealth. Teaming up with Greensleeves Records, this 16-course-release will take you on a life-improving trip through diverse issues of mental and physical health. In a true worldwide effort, the tracks were produced in Jamaica, the US, the UK, Japan (Akihiro Hotto of Sunnyside Music is responsible for the fine Sleng Teng relick of Natural Herb) and Germany. The latter is represented by Oneness Records who contributed the instrumental version for the pensive Gangster, a lyrical statement against gun violence livicated to the memory of Shamore "Chadie" Grant and Akeem "Squidley" Henrdicks, "two young kings lost to the gang and gangster", as the corresponding video tells us.

 1.   Health Is Wealth
 2.   Gangster
 3.   Wha Me Eat (Remix)
 4.   Natural Herb
 5.   Legendary Reggae Icons
 6.   70's Legendary Reggae Icons
 7.   Cucumba
 8.   Speaker Pon Fire
 9.   Jah Jah Children - Macka B (Feat. Maxi Priest)
10.   Our Story
11.   Lyrical Chef
12.   Excess Baggage
13.   Nah Go Back There
14.   See Them From Far
15.   Mama Africa
16.   My King