Kiss Of Death - K. Sean Harris

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Media Format: BOOKS
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Media Format: BOOKS
Shari Golding is a young marketing executive for a successful public relations and advertising firm. Childless, independent, sophisticated and sexy, Shari is looking for love and has her fair share of suitors but every time she gets involved in a serious relationship, the person dies. When her fourth boyfriend dies in a tragic car accident, she vows to never again get close to any man. This decision leads Shari down a road of promiscuity and after each meaningless encounter she would yearn for the stability and fulfillment that comes with being in a monogamous relationship. Karim Dawkins, a budding entrepreneur, has his sights set on Shari and refuses to take no for an answer. Shari likes him alot but is terrified of getting involved. Will Shari give in and give love another chance...and will she be the death of him?