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Media Format: CD
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Release Date: Jan. 1, 1901
Media Format: CD
Genre: POP
LFO is the debut album by American pop group LFO. It was released on August 24, 1999 under Arista Records. It has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide and over 3 million singles. The album has two of the band's well known songs, "Summer Girls" and "Girl on TV", which was featured on The Amanda Show.

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1. "Summer Girls"
2. "Girl on TV"
3. "Cross My Heart"
4. "Can't Have You"
5. "I Don't Wanna Kiss You Goodnight"
6. "West Side Story"
7. "Think About You"
8. "I Will Show You Mine"
9. "All I Need to Know"
10. "Baby Be Mine"
11. "Your Heart Is Safe with Me"
12. "My Block"
13. "Forever"