No Luck (Translucent Orange Vinyl) - Gregory Isaacs (LP)

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Media Format: LP VINYL
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Release Date: Mar. 29, 2024
Media Format: LP VINYL

Known as "the most equisite vocalist in reggae," Jamaican musician Gregory Isaacs released No Luck in 1992.

No Luck is a superb example of Isaacs' undeniable talent. This album showcases his characteristic style, blending poignant lyrics with sweet and mesmerizing melodies.

No Luck comprises songs that often touch on typical reggae themes such as love, relationships, and the struggles of daily life. Iconic tracks such as "No Luck," "New Contract," and "What Will Your Mama Say" reflect his talent for capturing deep emotions through his unique and expressive voice.

Track Listing
Side A
1. No Luck
2. New Contract
3. Heartache
4. Guilty for Your Love
5. What Will Your Mama Say
6. All the Store Are Closed
Side B
1. Madly in Love with Sharon
2. Meet Me at the Same Spot
3. We Don’t Pet Sound Boys
4. Make a Track
5. The Village
6. Rock on
7. Don’t Believe in Him