Reggae Legends Gregory Isaacs Vol 2 - Gregory Isaacs

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Media Format: CD
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Release Date: Mar. 11, 2014
Media Format: CD
Reggae Legends, Vol. 2 collects four albums of smooth-voiced reggae crooner Gregory Isaacs' ouvre with a focus on a particularly fertile period in the mid- to late '80s. Though many look to the mid-'70s for evidence of some type of lasting "golden age" in roots reggae, the albums presented here offer a strong argument for continued greatness in organic songcraft as digital production spread increasingly throughout circles of mainstream reggae. The massive collection gathers together 1985's Private Beach Party, 1987's Victim, 1988's Red Rose for Gregory, and 1989's I.O.U., the production growing more digital-leaning with each subsequent album but never losing Isaacs' lovers rock swagger.
Track Listing
CD 1: Private Beach Party
1. Private Beach Party
2. Wish You Were Mine
3. Feeling Irie feat. Carlene Davis
4. Bits And Pieces
5. Let Of Supm
6. No Rushings
7. Better Plant Some Loving
8. Special To Me
9. Got To Be In Tune
10. Promise Is A Comfort
CD 2: Red Rose For Gregory
1. Red Rose For Gregory
2. Teachers Plight (12" Promo Mix)
3. Break The Date
4. Rumours (12" Hit Mix)
5. Slow Down
6. All I Need Is You
7. Rough Neck feat. The Mighty Diamonds (12" Street Mix)
8. Intimate Potential
9. Me No In A Dat
10. Closer Than A Brother
11. Mind Yu Dis (12" Manners Mix)
CD 3: I.O.U.
1. Report To Me
2. What's The Matter
3. Too Good To Be True
4. Fall For You Again
5. I.O.U.
6. Can't Make A Slip
7. Hard Road To Travel feat. Mutabaruka
8. Express Love
9. Fatal Attraction
10. Break The Ice
11. Easy Life
12. Big All Round
13. Jealously (feat. Jimmy Cliff)
CD 4: Victim
1. Victim
2. Surrender Your Love
3. Rosie
4. Mt. Music Man
5. Special Someone
6. Loving You Ain't Easy
7. Howdy Ho
8. Welcome To My Room