Reggae Legends Luciano (4cd Box Set) - Luciano

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Media Format: CD
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Release Date: Feb. 5, 2016
Label: VP
Media Format: CD
Genre: Reggae

Four original albums collected together in reproduction sleeves giving an extensive overview of Luciano's successful hit-making career. 'One Way Ticket' and 'Sweep Over My Soul' feature the best of the many crucial tracks Luciano recorded for Xterminator, the Grammy nominated 'A New Day' was expertly produced by Dean Fraser while 'Live' is an in-concert affair that captured the reggae giant on stage in London on a career high.

Track Listing

Disc One – One Way Ticket

1. Black Survivor

2. Chant Down Babylon

3. One Way Ticket

4. Ragga Muffin

5. Bounty Lover feat. Lady G

6. Jah is Alive feat. Charlie Chaplin

7. Nature Boy

8. Turn Your Life Around

9. Throw Out the Life Line

10. Give Thanks

11. That’s the Way Life Goes

12. Some Sweet Day

13. Mr. Governor feat. Cocoa Tea

14. Iyah

Disc Two – Sweep Over my Soul

1. Can’t Stop Jah Works

2. Sweep Over my Soul

3. Ulterior Motive

4. Hold Strong

5. Final Call

6. Jonah

7. When Will I be Home?

8. You Can

9. When Man on Earth

10. Talkin’ Bout feat. Morgan Heritage

11. Poor Youths

Disc Three – A New Day

1. No Night in Zion

2. Oh Father I Love Thee

3. Is There a Place?

4. Happy People

5. Road of Life

6. Nah Give Up

7. God is my Friend

8. Only a Fool

9. Traveler

10. African Skies

11. A New Day

12. Hardcore

13. Spring Summer

14. God and King

15. Tell me Why

16. Save the World

17. Journey

Disc Four – Live

1. Messenger

2. Never Give up my Pride

3. Who Could it Be

4. How Can You

5. He is my Friend

6. Good God

7. Heaven Help us All

8. What We Need is Love

9. Your World and Mine

10. Crazy Baldheads

11. Running Away

12. War

13. It’s me Again Jah

14. Lord Live me Strength

15. In This Together

16. Over the Hills